Jefte Castillo I 2015 Reel
Director I Cinematographer I Editor

Take 2 Magazine Promotion Video

Take 2 magazine exists because I want to inform an audience who is very aware of the film industry, that they can get the help they want. The philosophy of this magazine is to get educated, to learn how to film with an iPhone and how to use the proper software in order to create a film. This promotion video goes with the magazine and it basically shows what you are to expect to learn with filming with a smart phone and editing on certain softwares.

Bushwick Collective Graffiti (2015)- Tatscru, WallWorksny

This video is based on the great graffiti artist who have been painting since the 80's, who came together for the annual Bushwick Collective event. I wanted the visual to represent them as who they are as an artist, a group of people who love what they do and show dedication and focus. These artist's spread their love on the wall with very bright colors for the Brooklyn community.

Wall painted by :

Artist in the video:
Bio, Mist, Crash, Br163, Bg183, Nicer

Kobra paint was used to paint this wall. Artist will like to thank you for your amazing product to create this wall at Bushwick block party event. 

Mingle Central Event

The project was a collaboration with Anthony Spaeth. Our mission was to focus on any library and think of something that will make it better. For the library, we have chosen Ground Central coffee shop to work with. Our concept was to combine a library book club and speed dating. We encountered a problem, the problem was to figure out how we can  involve men to actually come and attend these book club events. We decided to choose a TV series that everyone loved watching which was "The Walking Dead". We also encountered that Ground Centrals Demographic was mostly people in suits, which ties back to why we have chosen younger individuals in our posters in order to invite everyone to the library. In this event that we have created, the individuals who attend will talk about the book as they are getting to know each other. The information is on the poster as well on the website. 

The video is just a promotion piece that can be distributed in any platform and social media. It is supposed to make people get a glimpse of what to expect. 

MadC Show Opening At WallWorksny

MadC's opening night of her solo show "Bits and Pieces" at gallery Wallworks New York, Bronx. May 2015. I also filmed her live paint in the Yonkers Art Weekend event which had over 20,000 views on her page. To see her live painting, Please press this link :